Delivery System 5 Pin Handpiece Illumination System w/Delay *New*

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ISO-B 5 Hole Handpiece Illimination System with Delay

Beaverstate Dental Illumination Systems Offers Proven Performance

The traditional five hole terminal provides 13 seconds of time delay built into the control and comes with a unique metal sleeve that virtually eliminates wire breakage at the handpiece connector, a bright and efficient krypton bulb, air electric switch with time delay.

This complete system is easy to install for a five hole connector.


  • Compact handpiece illumination system with delay
  • Light source located in handpiece connector
  • 13 Second time delay
  • Bulb and connections protected by stainless steel sleeve
  • Krypton bulb
  • Asepsis tubing
  • Air-electric switch and fittings
  • 120 VAC to 3.5 VAC transformer
  • 5-Year Warranty


115-713 - Straight Tubing/Sterling Color (White)

115-113 - Straight Tubing/Gray Color

115-613 - Straight Silcryn Tubing/Sterling Color (White) - (Silcryn is an Ultra Flexible Material)

115-711 - Coiled Tubing/Sterling Color (White)

115-111 - Coiled Tubing/Gray Color