Plaster Trap Odor Control Complete Kit *New*

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Trap-EZE SaniTrap disposable plaster trap with a built in sanitizer reduces odors automatically

2 Sizes to Choose From

3 1/2 Gallon SaniTrap Kit  (12 1/2"D diameter x 11"H) ideal for most general use applications


5 Gallon SaniTrap Kit  (12 1/2"D diameter x 14 1/2"H) best for larger offices and labs with high volume needs

Now with a built-in automatic sanitizing system, the Buffalo Dental Trap-EZE Disposable plaster trap is an easy, safe and sanitary method for containing and disposing of sink waste. 
The patent-pending sanitizer dispenser activates once the trap is in use, and keeps the trap smelling clean and fresh for months.
Translucent plastic trap container lets you monitor waste level.
When full, seal trap bucket with snap-on caps provided and discard.
  • Complete kit includes trap, 2 hoses and sewer tail adapter fitting
  • All trap buckets feature high-strength plastic construction and permanently sealed lids
  • Two flexible 18" long vinyl hoses connect to satandard 1 3/4" plumbing outlets in minutes
  • Conveniently connect trap to sink tail pipe and sewer tail pipe
  • Requires only 7' to 9" of clearance below sink tail pipe for easy installation with no tools
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