X-Ray Film Processors

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The A/T 2000 XR fully automatic film processor develops all sizes; panoramic, cephalometric, TMJ, occlusal and periapicals.
For use on all A/T 2000 XR and Plus Models
A must have for your busy practice.
World-renowned for dependability, Dent-X automatic film processors deliver the highest quality x-ray images, week after week, year after year.
The 810 Basic or 9000 Auto Film Processor may be used in a normally lighted room by employing this Dent-X Daylight Loader
Peri-Pro Film Daylight Loader for film duplication outside of a darkroom.
Automatically processes up to eight films at once. In just 7 1/2 minutes, eight films are processed, dried with heated air, and deposited into the film receptacle.
MODEL ATD - A/T 2000 Auto and Plus Developer Transport Rack.
MODEL ATF - AT 2000 Auto and Plus Fixer Transport Rack
MODEL ATWD - 2000 Auto and Plus Wash/Dry Transport Rack
MODEL ATXRD - 2000XR Developer Transport Rack
MODEL ATXRF - 2000 XR Fixer Transport Rack.
MODEL ATXRWD - 2000XR Wash/Dry Transport Rack.
Model TR - Fits Philips 810, Basic, XL, 9000 and Plus.
Model WD-MS - Fits Philips 810, Basic, XL, 9000 and Plus with Micro Switch Style.
MODEL WD - Philips 810, Basic, XL, 9000 and Plus - Price listed is with Core Return.
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