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A microprocessor controls provide consistent mixes. This is a Super Unit for a Super Price.
Amalgamator Dentsply Caulk Vari-Mix II
Amalgamator Dentsply Caulk Vari-Mix II-M
Capsule Mixing Device that delivers a completely homogenous mix with the rotation mixing principle
REF # 570-0484 Modern Touch-pad Design with Safety Cover
High Speed Amalgam Capsule Mixer
This computerized and programmable amalgamator is designed to ensure perfect mix-to-mix consistency and performance
Model 100 - Programmable Computerized Mixing System
Locates the Apical Foramen of a Root Canal
Sells with Brand New Battery and New Adult Electrode Pad - READY TO SHIP TODAY
The DetecTar probe is used to evaluate the surface of roots and to detect differences between the calculus and the tooth surface. DetecTar identifies subgingival calculus with an efficacy of 91% in pockets of up to 10 mm depth, even in contaminated areas
Ever Play Hide and Seek with Caries? Your visual and radiographic evaluation can be significantly more accurate with the use of KaVo's DIAGNOdent caries detection aid.
Mobile Scanner allows you to digitally scan a prepared tooth
iTero HD2.9 allows to digitally scan a prepared tooth and wirelessly send this information directly to the dental laboratory for fabrication of a CAD/CAM crown without the gooey mess
Slow-speed, electric torque-control motor capable of achieving faster and easier root canal preparation
Lab 35,000 RPM Micromotor Complete w/Variable Speed & Handpiece
Lab 35,000 RPM Micromotor Complete w/Variable Speed & Handpiece
Ellman Dento-Surge Model 90 F.F.P.
Model 823-800 heats gutta percha to its ideal viscosity for MAXimum obturation success
System B Heat Source provides convenience, reliability and accuracy in a gutta percha condensation system.
Conveniently and consistently puts the heat on for warm gutta percha techniques
Best Selling Aseptico AEU-6000-70V can perform standard or mini implants, third molar extractions and other surgical applications, and even endodontics with auto-stop-reverse
Most Powerful Aseptico 7000 Series can be used for implant, surgical, and endodontic applications
Physio Dispenser 2000 for Implantology and Oral Surgery
Type SI-915 Implant System with w/ S-NU1 FootSwitch & W&H Handpiece Motor
Mix Foil Bags or Pre-Filled 390 ml Cartridges Automatically with this High Quality, Various Impression Mixer
LifeDop 250 Handheld UltraSound Machine that easily locates vessels and detects blood flow.
WaveOne GuttaCore Obturator Oven specifically developed for heating GuttaCore
2016 Model Large Vertical Display with Built-in Thermal Printer on Mobile Stand with Accessories and Basket
The Most Convenient Pulp Vitality Tester on the Market Today
Premium ultrasonic cleaner provides a crucial step in ridding your instruments of infectious bio-burden.
Premium ultrasonic cleaner provides a crucial step in ridding your instruments of infectious bio-burden.
Great Ultrasonic Cleaner at a super price
Handheld scope that uses natural tissue fluorescence to enhance the way clinicians visualize oral mucosal abnormalities
Only 15 Hours of Use Time on This Great System
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