Cavitrons and Prophy Jets

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Model DISP-118 - Designed to easily deliver various Medicaments or Clean Water through Cavitron ultrasonic scalers.
30K Cavitron Surface Mount Ultrasonic Scaler
Dentsply Cavitron Prophy-Jet 30 Dental Air Polishing Prophylaxis Unit
25K ultrasonic scaler is superior for prophylaxis treatments, periodontic and other operative dentistry.
30K Cavitron SPS Ultrasonic Scaler with Handpiece
Combination Scaler & Prophy Jet 30K SPS
Tap-On Technology the next big step in ultrasonic scaling.
For dental professionals striving for greater comfort and control, only Cavitron systems deliver Tap-On Technology— the next big step in ultrasonic scaling.
Post Mount Utility Tray with Adjustable Adapter Included
Cavitron Utility Shelf Clamps to 2" Pole
Modern appearance and small and light, easy operation
Acceptable for use in scaling and cleaning surfaces of teeth in conjunction with other prophylactic measures
Affordable and Efficient Piezo Scaler
Varios 750 multipurpose ultrasonic Piezo system is designed to support a wide spectrum of clinical applications; from minimal restorative interventions to perio and endodontics surgeries.
For removal of calculus and plaque during dental prophylaxis.
Extremely gentle on patient and causes little or no sensitivity
28kHz-30kHz, compact and powerful Perio
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