Plaster Trap Classic Complete 5 Gallon Kit *New*

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5 Gallon Trap-Eze Disposable Plater Trap - Buffalo Dental Model 62110

Sanitary, convenient solutions for the capture and disposal of wet model trimming waste

Economical trap systems designed to slow water discharge flow rate and allow plaster sediment to settle out of waste water

Fast and easy installation and trap replacement

No Permanent traps to clean or messy liners to replace

Made in the USA

  • Original Classic Trap-Eze Disposable Trap Bucket for easy installation without tools
  • Complete kit includes sealed trap bucket, 2 hoses, and sewer tail pipe adapter fitting
  • All trap buckets feature high-strength plastic construction and permanently sealed lids
  • 5 gallon size (12 1/2"h diameter x 11"h H) ideal for intermediate applications
  • Two flexible hoses (1 1/2"h ID x 1 3/4"h OD x 20"h long)
  • Conveniently connect trap to sink tail pipe and sewer tail pipe
  • Requires only 7 to 9 of clearance below sink tail pipe for easy installation with no tools
  • Flexible adaptor fitting for sewer tail pipe included for improved drain seal
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