Plaster Trap 5 Gallon Complete Kit *New*

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Clean, dry, and simple maintenance full-size plaster trap

5-gallon bucket is 14-1⁄2"H. Add 6" from top of bucket to center of wall drain outlet for proper clearance.

Never again will you soak your cabinets and yourself with foul-smelling, contaminated wastewater when you change your plaster trap container.

Features an air-tight lid with threaded inlet and outlet extensions that reserve an air pocket inside. When the trap is full, simply remove the air-release plug to drain inlet and outlet plumbing into the bucket before disconnecting. Design prevents the mess and contamination that occurs with removal of traditional plaster traps. Instead of the leak-prone flexible hoses found on other traps, this uses standard 1-1⁄2" threaded inlet and outlet ports to ensure a positively leak-proof assembly. Adapts easily to existing plumbing.

Kit includes:

Heavy-duty 5 gallon container

All 1-1⁄2" PVC plumbing components to fit most sink configurations


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