Microscope OPTO DM 2003 Ceiling Mount Dental Microscope System *Refurbished*

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OPTO DM 2003 Dental Microscope Ceiling Mount

The design of OPTO dm2003 offers you superior optics, refined image quality, easy handling and ergonomics. It provides an unobstructed range of working area without using floor space. The Wallmount

Main Components

Structural Base - The mechanical module that is used as the frame of the unit is composed of Cast Iron 

Illumination Module - The illumination Module box, is mounted on the top of the column of the structural base. The light itself is conducted through optic fibers and is directed to the visual field through a set of lenses including the objective.

Optical Head - The Optical Head is the microscope itself, composed of the objective lens, 5-step magnification system and stereoscopic oculars (45 degrees Fixed or Inclinable). Handles can be mounted in 6 different positions. The Head can be turned left or right, turned back to back and front position

Extended Arm and Fork for Dentist - The Extended Arm and Fork were specially designed by dentists for dentists. They allow the unit to be very comfortsble and easy to use by dentists.

Technical Specifications:


  • Vertical Field of work: minimum 0.70m and maximum 1.35m
  • Dimensions: 1.80m H x 1.80m L x 0.80m W
  • Microfocus Adjustment Range: 20mm
  • Weight: 102Kg


  • Input Power: 90 ~ 240VAC
  • Video Camera Input Power: 12VDC
  • Fuses: 5 A
  • Power Consumption: 200W
  • Bulbs: Dicroic Reflector PHILIPS EJM 21V 150W 


  • Standard Objective Lens: f = 250mm
  • Eyeppieces:12, 5X
  • Field of View: 10-60mm
  • Dioptics Adjustment: -6 to +6
  • Interpupilar Distance: 48 to 78mm for inclined binocular and 55 to 110mm for the 45 degree fixed binocular
  • Manual Mode Magnifications: 5X to 30X continuous
  • Illumination System: holgen lamp bulb by Fiber Optic
  • Illumination Working Field: 50mm
  • Maximum Illumination on Work Field: 80.000 lux (minimum)
Global Surgical Corp Dental Microscope Model G6 Wall Mount