A-dec Decade Traditional Operatory Complete *Refurbished*

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Warranty: 1 Year Parts, 90 Days Labor
Price: $8,995.00

Upholstery Color Choice:
Option 1:   Premium UltraLeather Upholstery (Add $395.00)
Option 2:   Memory Foam & Premium UltraLeather Upholstery (Add $645.00)
Option 3:   Heated Massage System (Add $395.00)
Option 4:   Contoured Floor Box (Add $250.00)
Option 5:   Additional 1' Umbilical (Add $40.00)
Option 6:   Cavitron Dentsply Scaler Dentsply (Add $2,495.00)
Option 7:   5 Pin Illumination System (Add $395.00)
Option 8:   6 Pin Illumination System (Add $395.00)
Option 10:   LED Lightbulb (Add $395.00)
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*Memory Foam Can Only Be Installed When Using Seamed, Premium UltraLeather Upholstery


A-dec 1010 Decade Chair

A-dec 2046 Doctor's Delivery System

A-dec Assistant's Instrumentation

A-dec 6300 Post Mount Light

Standard Decade Chair Features:

  • Designed with rounded corners and smooth surfaces for easy cleaning
  • Backrest Cover - easy to clean single piece is tapered at side to allow more leg room
  • Quick Release Armrests - release with the press of a button 
  • Double-articulating headrest - effectively position patients head
  • Programmable Foot Control 
  • Cast-aluminum baseplate - helps prevent rocking and is shaped to allow you to maneuver your stool into preferred working position
  • Swivel Seat - 60 Degrees 'Chair rotates on needle bearings 30 degrees to either side of center' 
  • Hydraulic Cantilever System - lifts and lowers chair; operates quietly and smoothly
  • Safety Plate Shutoff - Stops the chair to prevent trapping an object under the chair
  • 15" to 29" seat height range
  • Your choice of Vinyl Upholstery color with clear vinyl foot scuff cover 

Paint Color SURF (A Very, Very Light Beige)


CLICK HERE: Standard Vinyl Upholstery Color Chart

CLICK HERE: Premium UltraLeather Upholstery Color Chart

Decade Delivery System Features:

  • Handpiece Adjustments - adjustments for handpiece pressure, coolant water and coolant air are located on the control block on the pivoting arm
  • 3-Position Instrument Holder - holder automatically moves with the chair back
  • Instrumentation - autoclavable syringe, autoclavable QD HVE and a saliva ejector
  • Oil Collection Jar - collects oil expelled from the handpiece exhaust
  • Convertibilty - arm pivots to allow use by right or left handed operators
  • Foot Control - wet/dry disc control
  • Medium Stainless Steel Floor Box - floor box has master on/off toggle, air and water filter regulators and manual shutoff valves

A-dec Telescoping Assistant's Arm Features: 

  • 3 Position with  Saliva Ejector (SE)
  • High Volume Evacuator (HVE)
  • Syringe

A-dec 6300 Light Features:

  • Light Head includes Third Axis Diagonal Adjustment
  • Quartz-halogen bulb - Optional Upgrade:  NEW LED Lightbulb (in place of halogen)Upgrade to our new LED BULB. It gives you brighter clearer light, keeps the light head cool and helps lower costs over time by using less energy and requiring less maintenance
  • Feathered-Edge Balanced-Intensity Light Pattern
  • Optically Designed Reflector
  • Three-Position Intensity Switch
  • Toggle Release Shield
  • Transformer in Rigid Arm Housing