KaVo INTRAmatic LUX 3 25 LHA Contra Angle Handpiece *Refurbished*

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KaVo INTRAmatic LUX 3 25 LHA Contra-Angle Handpiece 

Technical Data:

25,000 LUX Fiber Optics

LUX 3 with 3 port water spray

Drive speed: max. 40,000 rpm.

Identification mark: 1 red ring

Transmission: 1:5

Maximum speed: 200,000 rpm.

Burs and Diamonds:

The only burs to be used are those corresponding to the DIN EN ISO 1797-1 norm and are made from steel or hardened metal, - with a shaft diameter of 1.59-1.60 mm, - a total length of max. 25 mm, - and a cutting diameter of max. 2 mm.

Sterilization The INTRAmatic LUX contra-angle can be sterilized in an autoclave at 285 ° F

*Our Handpieces Are Professionally Refurbished. They Are Previously Used and May Have Scratches and/or Markings