AirStar 30 Oilless Compressor with Sound Cover *Refurbished*

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2 Compressor Heads - 1 Cylinder - 1 1/2 HP Total - Includes Sound Cover

100% Oil-free Delivers dental quality compressed air not available with oil lubricated compressors. It prtoects valuable handpieces from premature failure due to the effects of moist air and build up of residue.

Virtually maintenance-free: Oil-free means there is no oil to monitor and change. The AirStar requires only an easy, annual filter change
The great thing about an AirStar compressor is that they are built and designed especially for the dental industry which means they deliver the quality of air that you need to keep your instruments in top shape and your patients safe.
This AirStar 30 uses Teflon technology so it is oil-free and delivers extremely high quality compressed air while eliminating the chance of oil vapor contamination. And its patented drying system eliminates the moisture that can promote bacterial growth and the possibility of infection.


Choosing the correct size AirStar for your practice depends on the number of air users and the anticipated air demand. To assure optimum compressor operation, the air demands should not exceed the number of air handpiece users.

Recommeded for 3 - 4 Users

Tank Size: 12 Gallons

Volts: 200/250

Breaker Rating: 20

Horsepower: .75 x 2 heads = 1.5 hp total

Dimensions: 29"H x 34"W x 23"D