A-dec 4200 Excellence Traditional Chair Side Mount Delivery System with Assistant Instrumentation and Light Post *Refurbished*

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Warranty: 1 Year Parts, 90 Days Labor
Price: $3,895.00

Option 1:   Chair Base Support Mount (Add $249.00)
Option 2:   Additional 1' Umbilical (Add $40.00)
Option 3:   Adec 40LT Elec Motor (Add $2,495.00)
Option 4:   5-Pin Illumination System (Add $325.00)
Option 5:   6-Pin Illumination System (Add $325.00)
Option 6:   Water Bottle System (Add $249.00)
Option 7:   Piezo Scaler (Non LED) (Add $1,995.00)
Option 8:   Second HVE to Assistant’s (Add $149.00)
Option 9:   Adec 6300 Post Mount Light (Add $949.00)
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A-dec Excellence 4200 Delivery Unit with Assistant's Instrumentation and Light POST Only

Standard Features:

  • Automatic control for three handpieces
  • Adjustable tray position and pneumatic brake
  • Individual handpiece water coolant controls
  • Standard utility center and 3-way syringe
  • Straight Tubings
  • Assistant's vacuum instrumentation and telescoping arm
  • Water Q.D. outlet
  • 2" POST Only to Mount Light (exactly as shown in image below)

Optional Equipment:

Chair Base, Support Mount 

Longer Umbilical  [each additional foot]

A-dec 40LT Electric Handpiece 

Handpiece Power Optic Illumination System - Your Choice of 6-Pin or 5-Hole 

Monitor Mount 

Water Bottle System 

NEW Piezo Scaler Standard (Non LED) w/3-Pak Tip Kit (Built-in) 

Second HVE Added to Assistant’s 

A-dec 6300 Post Mount Light