Monitor Mount Ellipse Style *New*

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Pelton & Crane Ellipse Style Monitor Mount - New From Old Stock

The Flexible Dental Operatory Monitor Mount is designed to accommodate up to a 19 inch flat screen medical-grade monitor, the Pelton & Crane FLEX Monitor Mounts provide enhanced patient communication and ultimately case acceptance within any dental practice.

Ellipse Mounted Pelton & Crane Flexible Monitor Mount provide advanced positioning capabilities for optimal patient, dentist, and staff viewing of the patient monitor within the dental operatory.

Some of the innovative features of the Flexible Monitor Mount include 3 ergonomically designed seamless handles for easy asepsis and monitor positioning for patient, dentist, and staff viewing while a handle assist allows 0° to 90° of monitor movement with less than 4 lbs. of force.

Cutting edge Spring Flexion technology allows the system to travel 40° above and below the horizontal plane and also enables virtually effortless mobility throughout the entire vertical range of motion. The gas strut handle assist is designed to simplify positioning for dental assistants and hygienists.

Monitor Compatibility  19 inches - Flat Screen Medical-Grade
Adjustable Height / Lengths 27 inches  Linear Travel
Material Color White
Degrees of Rotation 0° - 90°
Degrees of Tilt 40°

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