A-dec Decade Continental Operatory 4 Room Package *Refurbished*

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Warranty: 1 Year Parts, 90 Days Labor
Price: $39,995.00

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This Fully Refurbished 4 Room Operatory Offers You the High Quality and Dependability of A-dec without the High Price

This Great Package Includes:

4 - A-dec 1010 Decade Chair with Foot Control & Auto Return

Foot Control w/3 position pre-sets
Base is a Thick Solid Steel Plate for strength and stability
Hydraulic Cantilever System with Stop Plate Shut-off
All Structural Components are Metal for durability and rigidity
Locking Swiveling Seat with Adjustable Height, Tilt Back & Swing Down Arms
Articulating Headrest
Your Choice of Vinyl Upholstery with Clear Viny Foot Scuff Cover (shown with optional ultraleather upholstery)

4 -A-dec Continental Delivery System 

*Shown with Optional Water Bottle System
Century Plus control Blocks that Support 3 Handpiece Positions
Doctor's Autoclavable Syringe
Water QD
Wet/Dry Foot Control with Accessory Button
6' External Umbilical 
Stainless Steel Floor Junction-Box (not shown)

4 - A-dec Assistant's Instrumentation

HVE (shown with optional 2nd HVE)

4 - A-dec 6300 Post Mount Light

Light Head includes Third Axis Diagonal Adjustment
Quartz-halogen bulb
Feathered-Edge Balanced-Intensity Light Pattern
Optically Designed Reflector
Three-Position Intensity Switch
Toggle Release, scratch resistant shield

4 - Doctor Stool (Brand Available)

2 - Assistant Stools (Brand Available)

Paint Color SURF (A Very, Very Light Beige)


CLICK HERE: Standard Vinyl Upholstery Color Chart

CLICK HERE: Premium UltraLeather Upholstery Color Chart

Optional Equipment *NEW denotes brand new/never used product. Otherwise not stated denotes Refurbished product

NEW Premium Ultra Leather Upholstery 
NEW Memory Foam
NEW Heated Massage System 
NEW LED Lightbulb (in place of halogen)
NEW Longer Umbilical 
NEW Second HVE Added to Assitant’s 
Standard Cuspidor 
A-dec 40LT Electric Handpiece 
NEW 2 Liter Water Bottle System 
NEW Handpiece Power Optic Illumination System - Your Choice of 5-Pin or 6-Pin 
NEW Satelec/Acteon Newtron Piezo Scaler Standard (Non LED) w/3-Pak Tip Kit (Built-in) 
A-dec 6300 Track, Wall or Cabinet Mount Light (in place of 6300 Post Mount)
SATELEC Mini LED Curing Light