Portable Dental Light with Field Case Pelton & Crane *New*

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Pelton & Crane LFII Dental Operating Light Set in Hard Shell Case

This light is new old military stock in the original case. Because it has been shuttled around, the case has visual dings and scratches

This is a new military dental field light kit from Pelton & Crane.

It comes in its military green field case, complete with all equipment needed for installation.

This unit can be attached to a chair or unit

Dimmer Control: located on back of rear arm. It can be adjusted to 3 evels of intensity - Low 1500 footcandles, Medium 2000 footcandles & High 2500 footcandles

ON/OFF: Conveniently located behind the head, within easy reach of operator

Lamp: Miniture quartz halogen lamp is durable and lasts many times the life of conventional lamps. Its self-cleaning process maintains constant light intensity. Lamp can be replaced in seconds and requires no tool

Reflector: Dichroic coated reflector reflects desired light and allow unwanted heat to pass through back. It is covered with a plastic safety shield

Pattern: 3" to 8" wide at distances from 18" to 36"

Autoclavable Handles: Handles are amde of highly durable plastic. They are spring-loaded making them easy to remove and replaced

LFII Light Fantastic II Light Unit

Equipment instructions and manuals

Mounting bracket

Two posts, 25" and 28"

Combination and Allen wrenches for assembly

Extension cord with 3 outlets

Hard Shell case with handles and 7 latches.

NSN Number of Set: 6520-00