SciCan STATIM 5000 Autoclave *Refurbished*

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SciCan STATIM 5000 Cassette Autoclave 

STATIM 5000 benefits

Ultra fast 9 minute unwrapped cycle
17.5 minute wrapped cycle
Exceptional instrument turnover
15 minute Dri-Tec drying technology
Single water use
Aseptic transfer of instruments
Reduced instrument investment

The perfect blend of speed and capacity, the STATIM 5000 features a cycle as fast as 9 minutes with a sterilization chamber approximately three times the size of the 2000 model. This larger capacity cassette provides rapid high volume throughput sterilization with cycles up to four times the speed of common conventional autoclaves. The STATIM’s one-touch keypad offers a choice of four fully automated sterilization programs.

Aseptic transport
Similar to the STATIM 2000, the STATIM 5000 also employs a removable cassette, allowing dental practitioners to transport sets of freshly sterilized instruments to the treatment rooms safely and aseptically.


Unit size: L 21.75" x W 16.25" x H 7.5"
Cassette internal dimensions: L 15" x W 7" x H 3"
Reservoir capacity: 4.0 litres (distilled water)
Weight without water:  72 lbs
Power consumption: 110-120 V, 50/60 Hz, 1300 

*Canada Facilities Please Note: It is mandatory that facilities located in Canada purchase the optional Printer Ribbon Cable

Cycle  Unwrapped Wrapped Rubber/Plastic Heavy Duty Unwrapped
Sterilization Time 3.5 Minutes 6 minutes 15 minutes 6 minutes
Sterilization Temp. 134 degrees 134 degrees 121 degrees 134 degrees
Total Cycle Time 9 minutes 17.5 minutes 24 minutes 12 minutes



BRAVO 17/17V 6.6 LBS. 2.2
STATIM 2000 2.2 LBS. N/A
STATIM 5000 3.3 LBS. N/A *This Listing Specs