Midmark Post Mount Light *Refurbished*

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Lightbulb:   LED Lightbulb (Add $395.00)
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Midmark Universal Post Mounted Operating Light

This light will fit round posts with bearings inside diameters of 1-3/4" or 1-3/8" (Post NOT Included)
Painted Very Light Beige as Shown in Images


Universal Post Mount Assembly 
Arm & Light Head Assembly
150W Halogen Bulb

*OPTIONAL LED Lightbulb Available -  NEW LED Lightbulb (in place of halogen)  Upgrade to our new LED BULB. It gives you brighter clearer light, keeps the light head cool and helps lower costs over time by using less energy and requiring less maintenance

The Midmark Universal Mounted Light’s advanced lighting design houses the transformer on the light arm to provide maximum adaptability for chair mounting.

  • Features an integrated PC board that monitors the voltage to ensure color corrected brightness, LED intensity readouts and touchpad controls
  • Delivers the true, reduced shadow white light you need to properly identify shades, see details and diagnose tissue
  • Customizable features simplify using the light, while minimizing fatigue, time and motion
  • The ergonomic design offers complete control, with pull, tilt and twist options, as well as easy access to the touchpad
  • Anti-friction bearings and tension adjustments enable you to set the tension and motion desired for your specific needs
  • Touchpad control offers three intensity adjustments, as well as a composite safe setting to prevent premature curing
  • Automatic motion controlled on/off function can be set on the touchpad with the simple touch of a button

Lighting Specifications

Operate Mode Color Temperature

4500, 4750, 5000 Kelvin

Operate Mode Intensity

  • 1400, 1950, 2500 Foot Candles
  • 15000, 21000, 27000 Lux

Composite Mode Color Temperature
4000 Kelvin

Composite Mode Intensity

550 Foot Candles
5900 Lux

Color Rendering Index

Greater than 90%
Pattern Size 3.3" x 7.5"