Dental X-ray Screen Green 200 *New*

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GREEN 200 SCREENS FOR PANORAMIC APPLICATIONS - For use with Green Sensitive Film

Rare Earth are Earth Green intensifying screens contain a high efficiency green emitting x-ray phosphor, gadolinium oxysulfide. These screens are intended for use with orthochromatic or green sensitive x-ray film.

This green emitting rare earth screen has a relative system speed of 200 when used with a medium speed green sensitive film. This screen/film combination is primarily recommended for specialized studies that require improved resolution compared to a 400 speed system (Green Regular).


5" x 12" Hinged

5" X 12" Double-Faced Tape For Use With - Siemens OP5 and Orthophos

5" X 15" Hinged For Use With - GE Panelipse and Panelipse II

5" X 15" Double Face Taped

6" x 12" Hinged

6" x 12" Double-Faced Tape For Use With - Siemens OP3 or older, Orthophos and Orthophos Plus

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