A-dec Priority Excellence Operatory Complete *Refurbished*

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Warranty: 1 Year Parts, 90 Days Labor
Price: $9,995.00

Upholstery Color Choice:
Option 1:   Premium UltraLeather Upholstery (Add $395.00)
Option 2:   Memory Foam & Premium UltraLeather Upholstery (Add $645.00)
Option 3:   Heated Massage System (Add $395.00)
Option 4:   Standard Chair Foot Control (Add $350.00)
Option 5:   Contoured Floor Box (Add $250.00)
Option 6:   Double Articulating Headrest (Add $495.00)
Option 7:   Additional 1' Umbilical (Add $40.00)
Option 8:   Piezo Scaler LED w/5 Tips (Add $995.00)
Option 9:   SATELEC Mini LED Curing Light (Add $1,195.00)
Option 10:   Electric Handpiece Motor E-type (Add $1,195.00)
Option 11:   5 Pin Illumination System (Add $395.00)
Option 12:   6 Pin Illumination System (Add $395.00)
Option 13:   Second HVE to Assistants (Add $149.00)
Option 14:   2-Liter Water Bottle System (Add $249.00)
Option 15:   Cuspidor (Add $995.00)
Option 16:   Monitor Mount (Add $249.00)
Option 17:   Adec 6300 Post Mount Light (Add $995.00)
Option 18:   LED Lightbulb (Add $395.00)
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This Fully Refurbished Operatory Offers You the High Quality and Dependability of A-dec without the High Price

*Pictured with Optional Water Bottle System, Foot Control & Fiber Optic HP Tubing*

This Great Package Includes:

A-dec 1005 Priority Chair 
A-dec Traditional Delivery System with Telescoping Assistants Package
Pelton & Crane LFII Post Mount Light
Your Choice of Vinyl Upholstery Color w/Clear Vinyl Foot Scuff Cover

1005 Chair Features:

Swivel Chair Base 
Auto Return Button
Standard Control Buttons on Back
Single Articulating Headrest 
Standard J-Box with 3' Umbilical Tubing
Base is a Thick Solid Steel Plate for strength and stability
All Structural Components are Metal for durability and rigidity
Armrests slide back to provide easy patient entrance and exit on either side
Toeboard raises as the back is lowered
Seat lowers to 13 inches and raises to 27 inches
Underside of lift mechanism has emergency stop plate for added safety

Traditional Delivery System & Assistant's Instrumentation Features:

Automatic control for three handpieces
Adjustable tray position and pneumatic brake
Individual handpiece water coolant controls
Standard utility center with 3' external umbilical
3-way syringe
Straight Tubings
Water Q.D. outlet
Assistant's vacuum instrumentation and telescoping arm - Autoclavable SE, HVE, and A/W Syringe

P&C LF II Post Mount Light Features:

New Reflector & Lens Cover
800 Hour Bulb Life Expectancy - 
Optional Upgrade:  NEW LED Lightbulb (in place of halogen) Upgrade to our new LED BULB. It gives you brighter clearer light, keeps the light head cool and helps lower costs over time by using less energy and requiring less maintenance
360 - 420 K Color Temperature

Low/Medium/High Intensity Control
Cool, White Light to Illuminate Cavity For Doctor and Patient Comfort

Paint Color SURF (Very Light Beige)


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