Dry Dental Vacuum System Dual 1-12 Users *New*

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Welcome to worry free suction with this ultra-reliable utility room equipment. Nothing is left to chance during the manufacturing process of these state-of-the-art dry vacuum systems. From the German engineered motor rated for 20,000 hours, to the easy-to-replace 10-micron filter, significantly decreasing your time spent on equipment maintenance.

The first thing you’ll notice upon start-up of your dry vacuum system, is how unbelievably quiet it is. At only 64 decibels, reduces “equipment room noise” tremendously, which means your waiting room will be quiet.

Equipped with a high-quality German engineered motor, which produces an impressive 4.8 horsepower, it creates an astounding 170 CFM. This dry vacuum is more than capable of supporting 12 users simultaneously with no noticeable drop in suction. 

The tank automatically drains when the vacuum is turned off, thanks to gravity.  If the tank happens to fill up during operation, (no reports to date) a seal is created at the top of the tank, allowing gravity to take effect and drain the tank. At which point, you turn off your vacuum to “break” the seal, then simply turn it back on to continue operating.

Perhaps one of the most important features of this vacuum, is that it only has ONE moving part. What does this mean for you? Two things; Less of a chance for motor failure and less maintenance required (quarterly filter changes). 

Capacity: Up to 12 Users

Warranty: 10 Years
Flow Rate: 170 CFM
Noise Level: 64 dB
Vacuum (“Hg): 8.5” Hg
Chassis Footprint: 21”x 20”x 32” Chassis Weight: 170 lbs
Power: 4.8 HP / 2.4 HP x 2
Voltage: 115 / 230 Volt AC *Please specify voltage requirement when placing order*
Current: 10 Amps x 2**
Tank Size: 40” Tall / 12 Gal.
Tank Weight: 43 lbs
Completely Water-Less
Completely Oil-Less

**Direct AC line required for each motor**

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