Dental School Training Simulator KaVo DSEplus Compact Dental *Used*

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Flexibility in its most compact form - Easy to configure, quick to adjust and truly economical to maintain

Complete training unit with storage space, supply unit, pressurized water module, suction module, dentist's element with instrument tubes and 3-F syringe, assistant's element with 2 suction tubes, foot control, patient simulator,  face mask, patient positioning system

Required media: air for electric instruments and compressed air

Finely attuned to your needs, the KaVo DSE Compact is easy to configure, quick to adjust and truly economical to maintain. And with its many benefits, it represents the best entry level investment you can get for dental education equipment.

Every road to a successful career starts with the first few steps. With the KaVo Compact, students set off smartly on their dental education, experiencing KaVo’s world of outstanding benefits from the very start.

While the KaVo DSE Compact is the smallest dental simulation unit, it offers maximum value. And thanks to the tried and tested KaVo technology and its high safety standards, the unit complies with all safety regulations.


  • Modular configurations and flexible instrumentations
  • Dentist/assistant element can be interchanged from right to left without tools
  • 2 ample locking (keys included) separate compartments to store e.g. student‘s jaw simulator, articulator or instrument tray
  • Smallest dental simulation unit – fits under space constricted workstations
  • Torso with adumbrated arms and shoulders
  • Quick and easy height adjustment of patient simulator and torso inclination
  • Low need for service, long lasting mechanical components
  • Robust and stable chassis and cabinet – all powder coated metal sheet components

Dimensions / Unit Closed 23.5" Deep x 31"H x 14.25"W

Dimensions / Unit Open 47.5"D x 31.5"H x 23.5"W

*Units Are In Good Condition - Cleaned, Inspected and Tested

**Ships Freight on Pallet