Flowmeter System Porter MXR 3000 4 Tank System on Tall Stand *Refurbished*

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  • Porter MXR 3000 Flowmeter Head
  • PorterTall Mobile Stand (Stand May Differ Slightly than Shown in Images)
  • 4 Cylinder Yoke Block
  • New 3' DISS Supply Hoses
  • New Scavenger Rubber Goods (Please Choose Hood Size) 

* Tanks NOT Included

Porter MXR 3000 Flowmeter Head:

This Mobile Porter MXR Model-3000 has been the most trusted and recognized flowmeter featuring Porter precision glass indicator tubes and ergonomic single motion controls.

The 3000 is designed for those who would prefer an at-your-side vertical flowmeter. Precision, durability, and ease of operation have made this slender and sleek flowmeter the flowmeter of choice for tens of thousands of practitioners. Porter’s glass indicator tubes provide accurate and easy-to-read visual flow readings. The dual-seal, one-piece solid aluminum construction virtually eliminates internal gas leaks.

Porter Flowmeter Tubes. Provide accurate, visual flow readings- the standard of the industry.

  • Dual Seal Fail-Safe. Automatically reduces and eliminates N2O if O2 is shut off or the pressure is reduced.
  • Gas Control Block. Virtually eliminates internal gas leaks. One-piece, solid aluminum construction
  • Gas Flow Adjustment Knobs. Throttle-type knobs allow quick, accurate, one-hand adjustment of gas flows.
  • Emergency Air In-Take Valve. Automatically provides patient with ambient air if gas flow is interrupted.
  • Check Valve. Prevents rebreathing of used gases and guards against CO2 build-up in the breathing bag.
  • Positive ON-OFF Switch. On-off switch eliminates the possibility of accidentally leaving the machine on.
  • Oxygen Flush Button. Provides an easily accessible override of all other gas flows and delivers 100% O2.
  • Posi-Stop Needle Valves. Spring washer design prevents overturn of needle stems and resulting damage to seats and valves.
  • Oxygen Quick Connect. Facilitates connection of resuscitation equipment to the central system.
  • Total Flow Adjustment Knob. Controls flow of both N2O and O2 at any desired concentration. Total flow can be adjusted without affecting concentration. Low flow capability means economy of operation. 

Porter Tall Mobile Stand

Brand New Scavenger Rubber Goods