Apex Locator Finder A.F.A. Model 7005 *New*

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New Unit (left over stock) - Apex Finder A.F.A. Model 7005

The Model 7005 Apex Finder is intended to be used in dentistry to locate the apical foramen of a root canal in conjunction with endodontic root canal treatment.

The Apex Finder accurately measures the location of the apical foramen of a root canal where electrical impedance values change significantly.  This unit will provide a reading regardless of the fluid used with the canal, including sodium hypochlorite, anesthetic solutions, alcohol, EDTA, RC Prep, blood, exudates and any other liquids.  It can also be in the presence of necrotic tissue.

The Apex Finder also provides feedback on the canal's relative moisture level.  This information allows the user to modify the canal's wetness, enabling the unit to provide more accurate readings.


Apex Finder A.F.A.
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Apex Finder Bifurcated Probe
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