Pelton & Crane Caseworx Side Cabinet with Side Delivery Unit *Refurbished*

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Pelton & Crane Caseworx Cabinet with Pelton & Crane Cabinet Mount Side Delivery Model SDC30


1 - P&C Contoured Left Sink Side Cabinet 

1 - P&C Spirit 30 Cabinet Mounted Side Delivery  


The cabinet provides a work surface and storage. The cabinet is designed with the Dentist and staff in mind to provide a robust working environment for the daily activities of performing dentistry. This product is intended for use by dental professionals.

  • Foot Activate Water Control
  • Stainless Steel Sink, Faucet and Soap Dispenser
  • 1 Waste Chute, 1 Drawer & 1 Center Open Cabinet
  • Tawny Satin Wood Vertical Laminates
  • Steel Grey Tempest Wilsonart Gibralter Solid Surface Countertop
  • DIMENSIONS: 69"L X 18"D X 32"H

Cabinet Mount Side Delivery System Model SDC30

The Spirit 3000 CABINET-Mounted Unit head has six positions


Air/Water Syringe

Three Hook-ups

4-hole tubing for air-driven handpieces

The Master On-Off Toggle: Activates the air and water shut-off valves which control the air and water supplies to the unit. The toggle is located beneath the control housing on the right side. Be sure to turn the Master On-Off Toggle OFF whenever the treatment room is unoccupied.

The Water Coolant Flow Controls: Are located beneath the front of the control housing, near each handpiece. There is a separate control for each handpiece, and they are arranged to correspond with the positions of the handpiece holders.

Air Brake Control: Activates and releases the air brake in the control arm. When the system is pressurized with air, the brake will remain engaged. To move the unit arm, squeeze and hold the air brake handle, which allows the arm to move vertically. Release the handle when delivery head reaches desired positions.

Handpiece Oil Collector: The handpiece oil collector is located on the underside of the unit. It collects the excess oil coming from the handpieces Before using the handpieces, remove the collector by pushing in on the two side tabs. Place a piece of 2 X 2 gauze inside the collector. Reinstall collector.

The Spray Air Flow Control Is located on the right side of the control head. This control affects the flow of coolant air to all of the handpieces.

The Handpiece Flush Toggle Is used to flush the coolant water through the handpiece tubings. This is a momentary toggle, located on the left side of the control head, to the rear of the Master On-Off Toggle.

Handpiece Activation The Handpiece Autoholders contain actuator valves that allow the operation of whichever handpiece is lifted from its holder, without the need for a manual selector. Handpieces may be positioned at 90° or at 45°.

Drive Air Controls Each knob adjusts the amount of air supplied to its corresponding handpiece. Knobs are numbered to correspond to the handpiece positions. Controls are factory set to turn knob clockwise to reduce flow & counterclockwise to increase flow.

Manufactured in 2007 

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