UltraSonic AutoScaler by South East Corp. *Refurbished*

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AutoScaler Ultrasonic Scaler  /  Prophylaxis Unit   30k HZ

The South East Instruments AUTOSCALER is acceptable for use in scaling and cleaning surfaces of teeth in conjunction with other prophylactic measures.

30K Autoscaler

SIZE: Height: 2.2" Width: 8.6" Depth: 7.9". (inches)

Insert Stroke: 0.001/0.003 elliptical motion.

Weight: 7 pounds.

AIR MICRO SWITCH OPTION: Needs a minimum air input pressure of 20 PSIG - maximum 60 PSIG input to activate the Autoscaler. Manual foot switch not included with this option.

OUTPUT POWER: Operator adjustable up to 50 watts. Watts measured at AC primary. Linear Power Control.

WATER INPUT PRESSURE NEEDED: 18cc per minute minimum flow to 40cc per minute flow range from insert required @ Minimum 20 PSIG to Max 80 PSIG range input city or bottle water supply pressure.