Bien Air 1 Dental Micromotor MC3 LK *New*

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MC3 LK: Version with light (Bulb 3.5 V; 0.75 A), internal spray

Product intended for professional use only. Use in dentistry for prophylaxis, general dentistry and endodontic work

MC3 LK dental electric micromotor with brushes  

Sterilizable removable sleeve 


Protected from oil coming from handpieces; suitable for low speeds. Speed Maximum 40,000 rpm

Interchangeable brushes 

With vibration-free operation from 60 to 40,000 rpm, the MC3 brush micromotor has a versatility that sets it apart. 

Prized and recommended for its reliability and endurance, the MC3 has been proving its worth for many years. With a rotation speed ranging from 60 to 40,000 rpm, the performance it offers is remarkable.