A-dec Cascade Radius Operatory PKG #1 Complete with Standard Vinyl Upholstery *Refurbished*

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Warranty: 1 Year Parts, 90 Days Labor
Price: $11,000.00

Upholstery Color Choice:
Option 1:   Premium UltraLeather Upholstery (Add $349.00)
Option 2:   Chair Foot Control (Add $350.00)
Option 3:   Contoured Floor Box (Add $250.00)
Option 4:   Longer Umbilical Additional 1' (Add $40.00)
Option 5:   Cavitron Built-In Scaler (Add $2,495.00)
Option 6:   Traditional Swing Tray (Add $195.00)
Option 7:   Radius 7285 Cuspidor (Add $1,995.00)
Option 8:   A-dec Continental Delivery (Add $795.00)
Option 9:   Electric Handpiece (Add $2,495.00)
Option 10:   5-Pin Illumination System (Add $325.00)
Option 11:   6-Pin Illumination System (Add $325.00)
Option 12:   2nd HVE / Assistant's (Add $149.00)
Option 13:   A-dec 6300 Track, Wall or Cabinet Light (Add $995.00)
Option 14:   SOPRO IntraOral Camera (Add $1,495.00)
Option 15:   SATELEC Mini LED Curing Light (Add $1,195.00)
Option 16:   City/Bottle Water Switch (Add $295.00)
Option 17:   Piezo Scaler (Non LED) (Add $2,495.00)
Option 18:   Heated Massaging System (Add $349.00)
Option 19:   A-dec LED Light Head (Add $2,495.00)
Option 20:   LED Lightbulb (Add $395.00)
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Your Package Includes:

  • A-dec 1040 Cascade Chair - Double articulating Headrest, Backrest Casting, Automatic Armrests, Chair Swivels 30 degrees each side of center, Radius Internal-Umbilical, Cast Aluminum baseplate, Hydraulic cantilever system with stop plate shut-off, Includes Chair adapter
  • New Vinyl Seamless Asepsis Upholstery in Your Color Choice with Clear Vinyl Foot Scuff Cover
  • A-dec 2122 Radius Traditional Delivery System - Front Radius Rotational Hub, Century Plus Control Blocks that Support 3 Handpiece Positions, A/W Syringe, Self Contained Water System, Air-Actuated Push Button Brake, Cable Pre-Wiring for Electrical Accessories, Wet/Dry Foot Control, Stainless Steel Instrument Tray, Internal Umbilical & 3' External Umbilical and Standard Floor Box *Images Shown with Optional Contoured Floor Box
  • Touchpad on Doctor's unit for Chair Functions
  • A-dec Radius 7115 Assistant's Instrumentation - Back Radius Hub to Position the Assistant's Instrumentation on Either Side of Chair, Standard Programmable Chair Touchpad, Saliva Ejector (SE) High Volume Evacuator (HVE) and Syringe (Optional Second HVE can be Added), Cascade Solid Collector on Assistant's Module & Single HVE on 3-Position Pivoting Holder
  • A-dec 6300 Radius Light - Light Head includes Third Axis Diagonal Adjustment, Quartz-halogen bulb, Feathered-Edge Balanced-Intensity Light Pattern, Optically Designed Reflector, Three-Position Intensity Switch, Toggle Release Shield & Includes Transformer in Rigid Arm Housing

Optional Equipment *NEW denotes brand new/never used product. Otherwise not stated denotes Refurbished product

NEW Premium Ultra Leather Upholstery
Chair Foot Control 
Contoured Floor Box 
NEW Longer Umbilical 
Cavitron Built-in Scaler
NEW Second HVE Added to Assistant’s 
Traditional Delivery Unit Swing Tray
Radius Cuspidor 
A-dec Radius 7285 Cuspidor w/Assistant’s Instrumentation
A-dec Radius 2132 Continental Delivery (in place of 2122)
Traditional Delivery Unit Swing Tray
Radius Cuspidor 
A-dec Radius 7285 Cuspidor w/Assistant’s Instrumentation
A-dec Radius 2132 Continental Delivery (in place of 2122)
A-dec 40 LT Electric Handpiece
NEW Handpiece Power Optic Illumination System - Your Choice of 5-Pin or 6-Pin
NEW Satelec/Acteon Newtron Piezo Scaler Standard (Non LED) w/3-Pak Tip Kit (Built-in) (Requires Deluxe Touchpad) 
A-dec 6300 Track, Wall or Cabinet Mounted Light (in place of 6300 Post Mount)
SOPRO Intraoral Dental Camera
SATELEC Mini LED Curing Light
NEW City/Bottle Water Switch
NEW Heated Massaging System
A-dec LED Light Head
LED Lightbulb (in place of halogen)
Paint Color SURF (A Very, Very Light Beige)


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