Microscope Plus Light MagnaVu Procedure Scope PS2-3 *Refurbished*

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MagnaVu Procedure Scope Model PS2-3 Dental Operating Microscope by Magnified Video Dentistry

Self Contained Mobile System -  Offers built-in reverse image switch, hands-free motorized optical Zoom-in and Zoom out (1X to 23X), hands-free Image freeze frame, light intensity controls and a digital zoom (up to 46X).

Simple to use units work with or without computers, so for those with PC's in your ops, you can easily connect the MagnaVu to your computer and save images into your current Dental software that will allow you to capture and store images or even record live video clips (computer and computer cables NOT included)

The dental scope has a working length of 6-18 inches and is capable of 23x optical/46x digital zoom. Another feature of the scope is the ability to reverse the image on the screen to simulate looking through a mirror. This lessens the learning curve for some clinicians by providing images normally observed clinically.

The built in dental light source is comprised of four Light Emitting Diode (LED) light sources converging to provide optimum lighting of the operating field that can be adjusted to suit the operator’s needs.

The system includes a 23-inch LCD monitor.

The MagnaVu scope comes equipped with two RCA and two S-video outputs. It has the ability to view images on a monitor, the system can capture video and still images directly to your computer or to an external device.

A nice design of the system is the integrated foot pedal that allows the provider to control several functions of the system without having to touch the scope with gloved hands.

Magnification Power: Up to 20x
Number of Steps Available: Infinite
Rx Lens Adjustable: Yes
Autofocus: No
Zoom Magnification: Yes
Objective Lens Distance: 150 - 450 mm
Number of Video Ports: 1
Integrated Camera: No
Reclinable Binoculars: N / A


- MagnaVu can be used with or without a computer (computer and cables not included)
- Built-in reverse image switch
- Hands-free motorized optical Zoom-in and Zoom-out feature by way of foot control
- Hands-Free image freeze frame by way of foot control
- Light intensity controls and a digital zoom
- MagnaVu works with most dental software (not included) that will allow you to capture and store images or even record live video clips

Mobile MagnaVu Procedure Scope Model PS2-3 
23" VIZIO LCD Screen Model E241i-A1w
Foot Pedal
Control Box
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