Midmark UltraComfort Procenter LR Operatory with Light *Refurbished*

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Upholstery Color Choice:
Lighting Model :
Option 1:   Premium UltraLeather Upholstery (Add $395.00)
Option 2:   Memory Foam & Premium UltraLeather Upholstery (Add $645.00)
Option 3:   Heated Massage System (Add $395.00)
Option 4:   Standard Chair Foot Control (Add $350.00)
Option 5:   Contoured Junction Box (Add $250.00)
Option 6:   LED Lightbulb (Add $395.00)
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*Memory Foam Can Only Be Installed When Using Seamed, Premium UltraLeather Upholstery

UltraComfort  Concept LR Chair #153592-003

  • Patented chair-back design features a cast aluminum back with integrated armrests
  • Integrated armrests cradle the key patient support areas of the elbows and inner shoulders delivering a comfortable, secure patient
  • Armrests are automatically positioned for unencumbered patient entry and exit
  • Multiple chair controls are standard, featuring four programmable presets, making placement of chair and patient in your preferred position effortless
  • Hydraulic drive system delivers smooth, quiet, precise operation
  • Chair Swivels 60 Degrees (each side of center)
  • Your choice of vinyl upholstery color with clear vinyl foot scuff cover

Procenter LR Traditional Delivery System #153600-003

  • Pop-up lid with independent control system for each handpiece
  • Three automatic Kink Valve handpieces
  • Straight 4-hole handpiece tubing
  • Syringe with autoclavable tip
  • Individual water-volume needle-valve adjustment
  • Individual air-pressure needle-valve adjustment
  • Handpiece exhaust oil collector
  • Handpiece flush system
  • Self-contained water system
  • City water/bottle water selector
  • Counterbalanced flex arm with one-way positive air lock
  • Dual air lock release integrated into the handles
  • Instrument tray (9" x 13") and autoclavable instrument pad
  • Programmable touchpad chair control

Procenter LR Assistant’s Instruments #153604LR

  • Programmable touchpad chair control
  • Syringe, HVE and Saliva Ejector
  • Water quick connect
  • Solids collector

Operating Light (Your Choice of LR Radius Chair Mount Light #153818-003 or Celing Track Mount #TRML)

  • Halogen Bulb -Optional Upgrade:  NEW LED Lightbulb (in place of halogen)Upgrade to our new LED BULB. It gives you brighter clearer light, keeps the light head cool and helps lower costs over time by using less energy and requiring less maintenance
  • Operate Mode Color Temperature - 4500, 4750, 5000 Kelvin
  • Operate Mode Intensity
  • 1400, 1950, 2500 Foot Candles
  • 15000, 21000, 27000 Lux
  • Composite Mode Color Temperature -4000 Kelvin
  • Composite Mode Intensity - 550 Foot Candles 5900 Lux
  • Color Rendering Index - Greater than 90% Pattern Size 3.3" x 7.5"


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