Electric Handpiece Elements Motor Endodontic Motor with Adaptive Motion AEU-28SYB *Refurbished*

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Element Endodontic Motor with Adaptive Motion by SybronEndo



Peace of mind.

Adaptive Motion. The Elements Motor adapts the motion based on the amount of pressure on the file. It may or may not reciprocate and does not pull into the canal. Reciprocating angles may vary: No load 600° forward and 0° backwards, loaded 370° forward and up to 50° backwards, based on file load.

6 Presets. This motor provides recommended settings for TF Adaptive, K3/K3XF, TF, Lightspeed, M4 and custom settings.

Fully Autoclavable Motor/Cable. Easily detaches from the console.

Intuitive User Interface. With an easy to read LCD screen, the Elements Motor is easy to learn how to use