KaVo SURGmatic S201 XC (without light) 20:1 Electric Handpiece *Refurbished*

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SURGmatic S201 XC (without light) 

20:1 Contra-Angle with Hexagon Clamping System  

Hexagon clamping system: optimized head gearing and ball bearing for long service life (also compatible with burs/screw-in tools without hexagon clamping system)

Reduction ratio 20:1

Removable head, easy to clean

EXPERTgrip for better grip and hygiene 

Small head with internal cooling system

External cooling with coolant connector on the head

Technical Specifications (in connection with EXPERTsurg or MASTERsurg)

Speed: 15 - 2000 rpm

Maximum torque: 55 Ncm