A-dec 511 Operatory PKG #3.2 with Doctor & Assistant Unit *Refurbished*

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Warranty: 1 Year Parts, 90 Days Labor
Price: $20,995.00

Upholstery Color Choice:
Option 1:   Premium+ UltraLeather Upholstery (Add $595.00)
Option 2:   Heated Massage System (Add $395.00)
Option 3:   Standard Foot Control (Add $350.00)
Option 4:   Contoured+ Floor Box (Add $495.00)
Option 5:   Additional 1' Umbilical (Add $40.00)
Option 6:   Swing Tray (Add $195.00)
Option 7:   Piezo Scaler (Non LED) (Add $2,495.00)
Option 8:   Adec 40LT Electric Motor (Add $2,495.00)
Option 9:   SATELEC Mini LED Curing Light (Add $1,195.00)
Option 10:   Cavitron Dentsply Built-In Scaler (Add $2,495.00)
Option 11:   5 Pin Illumination System (Add $395.00)
Option 12:   6 Pin Illumination System (Add $395.00)
Option 13:   Second HVE to Assistants (Add $149.00)
Option 15:   Monitor Mount 500 (Add $795.00)
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*Images Depict Optional Chair Foot Control, Swing Tray and Contoured Floor Box*

 A-dec 511 Dental Chair in your Color Choice of Upholstery

  • Double articulating gliding headrest 

  • Ultra-thin flexible backrest

  • Multi-postion armrests

  • Chair swivels 60 degrees (30 degrees each side of center)

  • Base down stop plate

  • Integrated 300-watt power supply

  • Standard Floor J-Box

  • Standard Vinyl Upholstery

  • Touchpad on Doctor's unit for Chair Functions

A-dec 2122 Radius Traditional Delivery System   

  • Front Radius Rotational Hub

  • Standard touchpad

  • Standard Stainless Steel Tray Holder

  • 2-liter self-contained water system with quick-disconnect water bottle

  • Century Plus Control Blocks that Support 3 Handpiece Positions 

  • A/W Syringe

  • Air-Actuated Push Button Brake

  • Stainless Steel Instrument Tray

  • 3" umbilical with utilities

  • Standard Square Floor Box *Images Shown with Optional Contoured Floor Box

A-dec 551 Assistant's Instrumentation

  • Short arm single 3-position holder assembly 

  • Standard multi-function touchpad

  • Maximized vacuum flow

  • Autoclavable SE, HVE, and syringe

  • Three connection ports for SE and HVE

  • Solids collector mounted on support link


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