DEL High Speed Midwest Style Air Driven LED Dental Handpiece *New*

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The innovative design of this handpiece incorporates a highly efficient micro-generator to power its LED. It will eliminate the need for a fiber optic system from your dental delivery unit. This cutting edge technology allows the operator to have a clearer illuminated operative field, reducing eye fatigue.

The Direct-LED is brighter and has a larger light pattern than the traditional fiber optic system.

The well-designed and precisely manufactured AirLight provides extraordinary torque to ensure the powerful cutting that you need.

It will fit directly into your existing 4, 5, 6 hole handpiece tubings.

Triple Water Spray -  Effectively cools the entire surface of the bur to avoid overheating, which provides higher patient comfort.

Ceramic Ball Bearings - Superior torque and long lifespan. Specially designed for smooth and quiet operation.

Generator - Innovative micro-generator producing electricity for the LED is built into handpiece. This eliminates the need for a fiber optic system.

Colour temperature (K) 5,500
Brightness (LUX) 25,500
Head Size (Width x Height) 10.8mm x 13.0mm
Drive Air Pressure (PSI) 40-60
Power (WATT) 23
Speed (RPM) 410,000
Rotary Instruments FG burs according to EN ISO 1797-1
Ø / max. length (MM) 1.6 / 25
Water Port Triple Water Jet