NSK Ti-Max X600L High Speed LED Fiber Optic Handpiece *New*

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Warranty: 6 Months Parts & Labor
Price: $1,115.00

Option:   NSK Coupling NSK PTL-CL-4HV-T (Add $200.00)
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NSK Ti-Max x600L Titanium Body, Standard Head, High Speed Air Driven Handpiece with LED Optics

Brand New in Original Packaging 

*Optional Compatible Brand New Coupler Available - NSK PTL-CL-4HV-T


  • Wide fitting compatibility
  • Push Button Chuck mechanism
  • Clean Head System
  • Titanium Body with DURACOAT
  • ISB Turbine
  • Cellular Glass Optics
  • Quattro Spray system
  • Power: 21W
  • Speed: 380,000-440,000 min


Brighter cellular optics assures you uninterrupted visibility to every part of treatment field. Quattro Water Spray provides  optimum cooling effect with mist-like fine water droplets. And, incredibly lightweight, delicately curved Arc-line solid titanium body