A/T 2000 XR Film Processor *Refurbished*

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A/T 2000 XR fully automatic film processor processes all intraoral, occlusal, TMJ, panoramic, cephalometric, and duplicating film sizes.

The operator can choose between a “quick-look” 2½ minute ENDO SPEED cycle or a full 5½ minutes NORMAL SPEED cycle.

The active mode is clearly indicated with an illuminated arrow. Simply select the speed and insert a film into the film inlet and the processing cycle automatically starts. When processing is complete, the film exits into the film receptacle tray, and it automatically returns to stand-by.

Takes the guesswork out of chemistry replenishment - a micro-computer counts film and automatically replenishes chemistry proportional to film load for the best processing results.

Designed with the environment in mind - used chemistry is easily captured for disposal in accordance with local codes. 

ELECTRICAL 115V, 60Hz, 8 Amp. Use a 15 Amp, 3 prong, grounded outlet. A separate dedicated 15 Amp line is recommended.
WATER CONNECTION Valved 3/4" male straight pipe or standard male garden hose fitting at rear of processor.
DRAIN 1 1/2” vertical PVC standpipe, open at top, connected to 1 ½” PVC trap. DO
DIMENSIONS 18"H x 15"W x 25"D with leveling base.
WEIGHT 90 lbs. with water and chemistry (75 lbs. empty)


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