Pressure Pot 8QT Pneumatic Curing Vessel *New*

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An 8 Quart Pneumatic Pressure Pot Made of sturdy cast aluminum

The new 448PP pressure vessel is built to provide 20 psi pressure* – while the acrylic resin is curing – forming a dense crosslinked repair for the dentist.

The 448PP will not only allow for proper denture repair and redlines, but will also double as a substitute curing pot accommodating a 2-case bronze compress with the cover removed.

Unit is shipped complete with pressure gauge, safety valve, air valve to introduce air into the pot, plus an air hose ready to connect to your compressor air source.

Made of sturdy cast aluminum

Maximum internal pressure with safety valve = 20 PSI

Unit Dimensions: 17.5" L x 8" H

Outside Diameter: 10" 

Inside Diameter: 8.75"

Inside Depth: 6"