Delivery System 6 Pin Handpiece Illumination System w/Delay *New*

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ISO-C 6 Hole Handpiece Illimination System with Delay

Beaverstate ISO-C 6 Pin Dental Illumination Systems Offers Proven Performance

This six pin terminal provides 13 seconds of time delay built into the control and comes with 7' of asepsis tubing, a unique metal sleeve that virtually eliminates wire breakage at the handpiece connector, air-electric switch and fittings with time delay and a 3.5 VAC transformer.

This complete system is easy to install for a six hole connector.


  • Compact handpiece illumination system with delay
  • 13 Second time delay
  • 7' Asepsis tubing (Expect 5' Workable After Plumbing In)
  • Air-electric switch and fittings
  • 120 VAC to 3.5 VAC transformer
  • 5-Year Warranty


115-703 - Straight Tubing/Sterling Color (White)

115-603 - Straight Silcryn Tubing/Sterling Color (White) - (Silcryn is an Ultra Flexible Material)

115-103 - Straight Tubing/Gray Color

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This handpiece-illumination system is among the most popular, reliable and economical system on the dental market.