Anesthetic Delivery System By Pro-Dex *New*

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New From Old Stock - Introductory Kit - 1 Available to Ship Today - Photos are all of exact kit and packaging

Pro-Dex Micro-Motors Manufacture Item # IF-SKT-004

The IntraFlow HTP Anesthesia Delivery System by Pro-Dex offers pain management for the dental professional, and is great for fear management with anxious dental patients.

The IntraFlow System uses patented intraosseous injection technology in a simple, one-step technique that provides immediate pain relief and profound pulpal anesthesia in about one minute.

Patient Comfort

• No lingering numbness to the cheek, lips or tongue
• Patient can immediately resume normal activities, talking, eating, drinking
• Facilitates more flexible scheduling
• Relieves patient anxiety regarding “The Shot”

Dentist Productivity

• One step, easy to use
• Saves time, no waiting for patient to get numb
• Profound and reliable anesthesia
• Work in multiple quadrants during a single visit
• Reduces the need for multiple follow-up visits


Length • 7.75” / 19.69 cm
Maximum Width • 1.2” / 3.05 cm
Weight • 4.8 oz / 135.4 g
Power • Compressed air / 35 PSI (dynamic)
Adapter Type • 4-Hole Midwest
Motor • Variable speed drive
Anesthetic • Standard (1.8ml cartridge)
Perforator • 24 gauge (0.020” diameter) -  Stainless Steel beveled needle
Transfuser • ABS Shell & Slider - 20 gauge Stainless Steel Cannula

Kit Includes

1 IntraFlow Handpiece
2 IntraFlow Head Attachments
1 IntraFlow Quick Disconnect
10 IntraFlow Transfuser Assemblies (with Perforators)
1 IntraFlow Head Attachment Soaking Tub
1 IntraFlow Quick Start Guide
1 IntraFlow Instructional CD