Planmeca Intra Oral Mobile X-ray System *Refurbished*

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The PLANMECA Intra X-ray features adjustable mA, adjustable kV, and adjustable time.

The Mode key allows operators to choose from CCD Digital, Phosphorus Plate, or Film modes with the touch of a button.

  • Hand-Held Control
  • Digital ready
  • Maximized image quality
  • Focal spot: 0.7mm 0.7mm
  • Outstanding definition and sharpness
  • Precise, simple and easy operation
  • Steady and smooth movement

Painted Medical White


  • Factory-programmed memory settings for quick access to different exposure values
  • A steady arm provides smooth and precise movements, allowing for accurate and easy patient positioning.
  • The tube head weighs only 8 lbs., enabling drift-free placement.
  • Its sleek design offers an unobstructed view across the flat-top of the tubehead (especially useful for occlusal images).
  • The PLANMECA Intra can be used for both bisecting angles and parallel techniques.
  • An 8-inch cone comes standard and is suitable for bisecting angles.
  • Mobile base mount alows you freedom to move around the office

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