KaVo GENTLEsilence LUX 6500B Handpiece *Refurbished*

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Highest torque of any air driven high-speed handpiece for outstanding cutting efficiency.
Ultimate power output (19 watts) results in fast, precise crown and bridge preparations.
Quietest handpiece that operates at an exceptionally low noise level by reducing frequency and acoustic pressure to protect your hearing.
Shortest head in industry offers unsurpassed molar region access using a standard 19mm bur.
Unprecedented visibility and accessibility with patented KaVo head and knee angle combination.
MULTlflex LUX connection.
Push - button autochuck for quick, easy bur changing.
Anti-retraction system prevents debris from entering the handpiece head and turbine.
Exclusive replaceable microfilter increases water spray quality and avoids clogged spray ports.
4-port spray for better visibility, cooling and cutting speed.
KaVo exclusive automatic drive air adjustment - longer turbine life.
Durable surface coating - improved tactile feedback.
Durable cellular optic glass rod delivering shadow-free illumination at 25,000 LUX to reduce eyestrain.
Autoclavable at up to 135 degrees C (275 degrees F)
Use at minimum air pressure 38psi (2.6 bar).

Made in Germany
KAVO Order No. #1000.0600