Vacuum Accessories

Tech West Model ES-1, ES-2, or ES-3 - Available in single, dual, and triple models
AIR TECHNIQUES Acadia Amalgam Amalgam Separator Model A1250, "BRAND NEW IN ORIGINAL PACKAGING BOX"
The P-Trap adapter is designed to be used with all Whirlwind Pump models with exhaust separators
Fits: 1,2 hp DentalEZ single models, Apollo 1 hp, 1.5 hp, Turbine industries, Tech West-Whirl Vac models & Vacudent-Workhorse single
Fits: DentalEZ dual models made after 1978, Dentsply made after 1991, Matrix 1000,2000 & Drymax
Fits: Apollo 2 hp, 3 hp single and tandem, Air Techniques - 1997 and later dual models, Vacudent - Workhorse dual & Newer Vacstar models
Fits: Dentsply-MVS.75, 1.5, 2.0, 4.0 models made before 1991
Convenient, Affordable Switch Panel - 1 VAC, 1 AIR & 1 H2O
Convenient, Affordable Switch Panel - 2 VAC, 1 AIR & 1 H2O
When line voltage at an installation site is below 208 volts for Whirlwind Pumps or Ultra Clean Compressors, it is recommended that this Boost Transformer be installed
Model RC-115 - For remote switching of compressors, water manifolds, and other electrical devices
1" Water Bypass WITH FILTER and WITH RELAY [Complete System]
3/4" Water Bypass WITH FILTER and WITH RELAY [Complete System]
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