Non Optic High Speed Handpiece for Areas of Difficult Access - Particularly for Children, TMJ Situations and Handicapped Patients
Red handpiece - Efficiency is the focus
This KaVo GENTLEPower LUX 20LP handpiece is fully refurbished and works wonderfully. It is in excellent condition with little wear. 90-Day Warranty
25 LPR High Speed Attachment - up to 200,000 RPM
High-Speed Attachment with the Shortest Head in the Industry
4-Hole Connection up to 20,000 rpm Speed
3 Piece Set Includes Refurbished KaVo INTRA 181K Air Motor, Brand New DEL Straight Nose Cone & Brand New Contra Angle
KaVo 20K Low Speed Contra Angle with Latch Type Head
For use with MASTERmatic Low-speeds and INTRAflex attachments
Kavo's INTRAmatic SMART SERIES ES handpiece is uniquely designed to fit perfectly in the hands of the user - the pushbutton chuck to regulate its operations
25,000 LUX Fiber Optics with 3 Port Water Spray
KaVo 457 MULTI-flex Dental Handpiece Coupler Non Optic 4 Hole New Never Used
The PROPHYwiz is an ultra-light, well-balanced handpiece that minimizes hand fatigue—making polishing easy and more enjoyable
Air Scaler with the broadest range of use in dentistry
Fiber Optic Handpiece that features a large, powerful turbine with triple-port spray cooling
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