Automatic air pressure regulator - Excellent concentricity - Push-button bur release
Non Optic, High Speed
High Speed Attachment, Fiber Optic, Push Button
Mini Head for pedo work and difficult to access areas
KaVo 7LP Shank with KaVo L68 B Head
Fiber Optic, High Speed
Non Optic, Low Speed
Non Optic, Low Speed, 3 Piece Set
Non Optic, Low Speed
1:1, Non-Optic, Separate Cooling 1 Hole Spray, Fits INTRAmatic Connector System
19E Prophy Low Speed Handpiece - For Use with Disposable Prophy Heads Only
Low Speed that fits all attachments optic or non-optic with Universal “E” type connection
KaVo's Most Powerful Air Driven Handpiece
Non Optic, 4 Hole Connection
PLEASE CALL FOR AVAILABILITY Ultra-light, well-balanced handpiece
Air Scaler with the broadest range of use in dentistry
Non Optic, High Speed Handpiece
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