Ceiling Mount Lights

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Fully Refurbished A-dec 500 LED Ceiling Mount Light
Fully Refurbished A-dec 6300 Ceiling Mount Light
LED Ceiling Mounted Light with Adjustable, Dimmable Intensity
Approximates the ideal white of natural daylight, shades matched with a light color in the 5000K range will appear ideal in most lighting conditions.
Fully Refurbished Belmont X-Calibur Ceiling Mount Light
Ceiling Mount - Model CL1000 - LuxStar Light by Marus
Midmark lights push quality to the edge. They feature an integrated PC board that monitors voltage to ensure color corrected brightness
This Ceiling Column Mount Helios 1800 continues to lead the market with the ultimate LED performance.
Quality Medical Operatory Light
The Harmony LC Ceiling Mount Light offers exceptional value
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