Refurbished Lab Equipment

This multi-use mixer can be used for all types of materials, including glass ionomer capsules and alloy.
Articulator Denar COMBI *Used* $475.00  $450.00
An instrument that reproduces the TMJ for restorative and orthodontic treatment
Articulator Hanau *Used* $350.00  $275.00
Hanau Articulator
Power, quality & versatility in a compact curing unit
Lab system with brushless micromotor offers powerful torque for more demanding laboratory procedures
Self-Contained Steam Cleaning Device - A Must Have for All Dental Labs
Powerful and Simple Two Speed Design with Wells Quick Chuck - 1/3 HP
Lathe Nevin 550 *Refurbished* $2,744.50  $2,495.00
Stainless Steel Benchtop Polishing Hood with Suction, Light and Lathe
61792 PowerRite Heavy Duty Trimmer, Professionally Refurbished with a Warranty
This Model Trimmer provides excellent cutting action to produce consistently attractive casts.
Single chambered vacuum former that is excellent for fabricating most thermoplastic appliances
Our Most Popular Vibrator - the No. 1A
The Largest, Most Powerful Vibrator for Multiple Flasks and Dense Castings
Versatile Power and Effiecient Vacuum Combined in One Unit. The space saving Combination Unit supplies needed power and dependable vacuum.
Creates patterns that are smooth and bubble free
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