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Ohio Style For Nitrous, Oxygen or Vacuum
Puritan Style For Nitrous, Oxygen or Vacuum
Double Triple Concealed For Nitrous, Oxygen and Vacuum
High Quality Part for Belmont 07-50 Celebrity/Pro/X-Caliber, Westar 2001, Westar 5000, LSM DC/100 & LSM C0H0
High Quality Part for Marus Pro 1300, 1400, 1500, 1600 & DCI Equipment
High Quality Part for Spirit 1500, 1800, 2005, 3300, 2005 Marus & Schein Empire
2" Hub Chair Adapter to Fit Various Models
Convenient, Affordable Switch Panel - 2 VAC, 1 AIR & 1 H2O
Belmed 5038 Offers Three Different Sizes - Small (Pedo), Adult & Large
Small Inhaler for Pediatric Patients
Medium Inhaler for Average Adult Patients
Large Inhaler for Large Adult Patients
Touchpad to Replace OEM Part 01-109680S (or RPI# SCK041)
Precision Comfort Syringe, Less Tubing & Kit
Extremely gentle on patient and causes little or no sensitivity
A-dec 351 & 551 Chair Mounted Assistant's instrumentation
Can be Driven by both the Combination Unit or the Vacuum Power Mixer Plus
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